At times in our lives there is cause to gather friends and family to acknowledge and celebrate a very special person. Whether it’s a small intimate family get-together or a grand public salute, send-offs overflow with a predictably unpredictable mix of sadness and joy as they mark both an end and a beginning.
Ingrid is expert at recognizing the nuances of the gathering and designs each to encourage heartfelt interaction that will help preserve fond memories as guests cope with grief. She offers personal guidance through the decision making process, offering suggestions to make sure your loved one’s signature is infused throughout the celebration.
TLC provides the same attention to detail on events with long advance notice or compressed time schedules. We are they eye of the storm. We bring calm and offer peace of mind.

Our Services Include...

Memorials and intimate family gatherings

  • House
  • Hall
  • Hotel
  • Slide Shows
  • Entertainment
  • Photographers/Videographer
  • Catering
  • Graphics
  • Printing
  • Flowers

“Members of my family and I had different ideas on how best to memorialize the life of a great man, my father, but Ingrid had infinite patience and endless ideas to appease all.”
Pamela Reinero